By combining our resources with Worcestershire County Council, The University of Worcester has been able to create a spectacular facility that far exceeds anything that it could have achieved on its own.

With four times the floor space of the previous Peirson library, The Hive is huge, giving students more spaces to study as well as relax and spend time. The building is stunning, with plenty of natural light, open spaces, comfortable new furniture and inspiring architecture. There are 250 new computers (in addition to the computers already available in Peirson and elsewhere), which you will be able to book in advance, along with access to plenty of printers, wifi and laptop points.

Library Services supports University of Worcester students, staff and local community in The Hive. The askalibrarian team can be reached via email or via lib chat on the University of Worcester Library Services web pages.

Access to new resources

You can access a huge range of Council facilities, including the records office and archaeology service plus all of the public library books and other resources.

The dedicated history floor offers you access to information on Worcestershire dating back to the last Ice Age, all brought to life with the latest technology. This gives you the chance to undertake original research and develop high-level academic skills.

The new children’s library is one of the best in the country. If you are working towards a teaching or early years qualification it will transform your studies and offer some exceptional work experience opportunities.

Find out more about Library Services at the University of Worcester.

Student projects and surveys at The Hive

We’re happy to support student projects and Independent Studies when we can, but they must be discussed and agreed with Hive staff in advance. Before you decide to start a project or research study, please read through our guidance notes.