Research databases

The Hive also provides access to the following research databases on a walk-in basis. This means that they are available to all library members within the building itself, but not at home or in other County libraries. University members, please remember to log in to the student or staff pages as normal to access the full range available.

These research databases provide access to millions of journal and newspaper articles, conference papers, original documents and more. If you require help using any of them, please contact a member of staff in the Hive, who will be happy to demonstrate the best methods for searching these valuable resources. Each database has its own specialism, and staff can advise on the best resource for your needs.

Please note that the resources with an asterisk (*) are available for personal educational use only. Any copying may only be done under the Copyright Law, which limits people to copying one article from an issue of a periodical and 5% or one chapter of a book

For more information on our research databases please download our research database PDF.