eBook library

Our eBook and eAudiobook service, provided by BorrowBox, is available to all library members. The extensive range of best-selling fictonal and non-fictional eBooks and eAudio titles can be accessed 24/7. All of the titles in the collection are free to borrow. Up to six eBooks and six eAudiobooks can be borrowed at a time. Loans will automatically expire at the end of the lending period, so you will not have any late fees.

Exploring Worcestershire's eBook and eAudiobook Library

The eBook and eAudiobook library can be accessed via our website here, via the library catalogue or by installing the BorrowBox app onto your mobile device. To borrow items via the website, library catalogue or the BorrowBox app you need to be a library member and will be asked to input your library card number and PIN.

If you not yet a library member joining is easy, you can:

  • visit any library in Worcestershire with proof of your name and address
  • join online instantly and upgrade to full membership at a later date

Finding and Installing BorrowBox Apps

  • Apple users - go to the iTunes App store and search for BorrowBox
  • Android users – go to the Google Play store and search for BorrowBox
  • Kindle/Amazon Fire users – before you can download the BorrowBox app you need to make changes to your device's settings. See step by step guide for instructions on how to download BorrowBox on Kindle/Amazon Fire devices

Once you have installed the free BorrowBox app on your device you will need to search for Worcestershire (not your local library) in the library field provided and then login using your library membership number and PIN. There are no requirements for any additional software to read the eBooks or the eAudiobooks within the app.

Titles can be borrowed entirely within the BorrowBox app. All borrowed titles will synchronize across up to six devices on the same account.

Having set up your account you can then choose to subscribe to the Library Newsletter, BorrowBox notification emails and set automatic downloads in Wi-Fi areas (making downloading even simpler).

Borrowing via the Website

If you are browsing and borrowing using the web service on your home PC or MAC you will need to open an account with Adobe Digital Editions if you don’t already have one: this is simple and the service will prompt you to take the necessary steps.

eAudiobooks are loaned from the web service as protected MP3 files incorporating our own rights management solution, so can be transferred onto any device for listening. 

Accessing the eBook Library via the Library Catalogue

If a book on the library catalogue is available as an eBook or eAudiobook it will appear in the list of available items as a result of your search. By clicking on the ebook option you will then be asked if you want to access the book online. This link takes you through to BorrowBox and an option to borrow.  You will be asked for your library ID and password and will need the BorrowBox app if you are using a mobile device.

Full details on how to borrow, return and reserve eBooks or eAudiobooks can be accessed via your  Borrowbox account or by talking to a member of library staff.

Looking for a classic?

eBooks which are free to access and download are available from a number of internet websites. The list below is just a few of those you may wish to look at: 

Educational eBooks for students

If you are a University of Worcester student, you should log in to http://students.worc.ac.uk/ to ensure access to your full range of educational eBooks.