Space Day

Saturday 8th October – 10:30am – 4:00pm 

Join us at Space Day at The Hive for free talks, storytelling, activities and displays for anyone interested in space including a FREE planetarium experience!  

Organised by the British Interplanetary Society, Space Day will include experts and authors who will be sharing their stories and knowledge on the sun, stars, our solar system and how astronauts live in space.  Suitable for both adults and children, there will be an opportunity to try out super powerful telescopes, listen to talks, take part in children’s activities and visit more than thirty displays!    

Do I need to book?

You don't need to book as this is a drop-in event, however you can pre-book for the talks and the planetarium experience.

FREE Planetarium Experience - SOLD OUT

Fly through the universe and learn what it’s like to become an astronomer in this multi award-winning 360° Digital planetarium from Immersive Experiences.  Places are FREE of charge but strictly limited. Sessions have now SOLD OUT.  

Career Tours – 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Interested in a career in the UK space industry?
A STEM ambassador will guide you through the relevant stands of companies, universities, and advocate organizations. Start making contacts and discuss your career aspirations with those in the industry. These 30-minute tours start from the BIS stand in the Atrium – no need to book. 


Blasting into space from the UK! – 11:00am-12:00pm – Meeting Room 3 

Speaker – Robin Brand – Former Charis of the British Interplanetary Society 

An introduction to current progress on launching space satellites from Britain. This half-hour illustrated presentation will introduce the current exciting progress towards launching space satellites into orbit from the UK.  It will provide an update on progress with all the active proposed British launch sites (Space Ports) and also the launch vehicles themselves. 

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Are aliens going to be monster and should we be scared? – 1:00pm-2:00pm – Meeting Room 3 

Speaker – Andrew Kennedy – Autor of ‘The Cosmology of People’ 

Scary aliens with bad intentions are a well mined theme in art, literature and movies. The general belief has been that advanced alien civilisations are essentially benign and have superior personalities. Communicating with them would be key to humans own advancement. Since then, the idea that advanced civilisations pose a predation threat to humans has come to fore.  

This talk concerns itself with the notion of the inevitability of a predatory civilisation by briefly examining the Dark Forest scenario to show that its ideas of predation are not supported in game theory, and then by examining the Kardashev phases of advanced civilisations to show that resource demand is not likely to be a source of predatory behaviour. It will mention and suggest a method of making contact with them that does not expect the alien visitors to be violent, destructive or predatory, but rather sees them as a likely dreamy population occupied with simulated realities. 

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