Renewable Energy Strategy, Biomass Heating and River Water Cooling

Biomass boilers have been used for a number of years and are well proven technology. They burn organic material and use the resultant heat in the building. Since the organic plant matter has absorbed carbon dioxide as it grows; when it is burnt it releases the same carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Therefore as long as the energy involved in processing and transporting the fuel is relatively limited, it is considered a carbon neutral fuel.

We have developed a strategy which uses the River Severn as a heat sink. Water is pumped from the river to the building, passed through a heat exchanger and then returned to the river at only a few degrees warmer. On the other side of the heat exchanger, water is pumped around the building and used to cool the concrete slabs; the water inside the building is kept hydraulically separate from the river water to prevent contamination and blockages.