This week's reads

Each week we pick top read books from our library collection to recommend to you.

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If you are already hooked on the new series of The Great British Bake Off here is a 'great' selection of books to keep you busy.

The great British bake off: how to avoid a soggy bottom: and other secrets to achieving a a good bake by Gerard Baker

This title provides everything you need to know about baking from 'The Great British Bake Off' team. Full of practical advice, it answers over 150 essential baking questions and looks at the common techniques we use and the history of how they came about.





The great British bake off: how to turn everyday bakes into showstoppers

Inspired by the 'Showstopper Challenge' section of BBC2's popular competitive baking show, this book covers a wide range of bakes, from large and small cakes to biscuits, pastry, breads, puddings, and more. Also includes special finishes using chocolate curls and ribbons and spun sugar.




The Weekend Baker by Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood's book contains over 100 sweet and savoury recipes inspired by cities around the world including Paris, Copenhagen, Miami, New York and Naples. From Madeleines to Foccacia, Caprese Cake to Chelsea Buns and Zwiebelkunchen to Marble Bundt Cake, take some weekend time out in the kitchen and bake the world with Paul to uncover some new favourites.







The Great British Bake Off Winter Kitchen by Lizzie Kamenetzky

This title offers the perfect wintery recipes: crusty breads, golden pies and rich puddings; hearty soups, casseroles and stews, mouth-watering roasts and clever ideas to stock-up your freezer.