This week's reads

Each week we pick top read books from our library collection to recommend to you.

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We are celebrating the New Year with books from authors who were in this years New Year's Honours List.

The Maid of Buttermere by Melvyn Bragg

Melvyn Bragg's highly-acclaimed bestselling historical novel, the story behind one of the 19th century's greatest scandals. Set in the Lake District in the early 19th century, the riveting story of an imposter, bigamist and fortune hunter who came to grief by falling helplessly in love with the famed 'Maid of Buttermere'.





Excape from Shangri-La by Michael Morpurgo

'He's got no one else...and nowhere else to go. After all those years, he's found his son and you've found your father. Doesn't that mean anything to you?' Cessie has never seen her grandfather, not even in photos, until the day he turned up on the doorstep out of nowhere...




Mus you go?:My Life With Harold Pinter

After first seeing each other across a crowded room, Antonia Fraser's relationship with Harold Pinter flourished until Pinter's death on Christmas Eve 2008 and was a source of delight and inspiration to them both until the very end. Fraser uses her diaries and her own recollections to tell a touching love story.







The War of Jenkins' Ear by Michael Morpurgo

Toby Jenkins, a quiet, homesick boy, always hates going back to his boarding school at the start of term. This term he forms a friendship with a new boy, Simon Christopher, who confides a great secret in him.