This week's reads

Each week we pick 'spot light' books from our library collection to recommend to you.

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They Are Tying to Beak Your Heart by David Savill

In 1994, Marko Novak's world is torn apart by the death of his best friend, a young soldier in the Bosnian war. In 2004, human rights researcher Anya Teal is following a tenuous lead in the hunt for a man with blood on his hands. Anya invites her first love Will to join her on holiday in a Thai beach resort. She knows that Kao Lak may be home to the man she is looking for. But a disaster as destructive as a war is approaching.

The Longest Winter by Kevin Sullivan

Terry is a British doctor on a mission to rescue a sick child in urgent need of life-saving surgery. Brad is an American journalist desperately trying to save his reputation following the disasters of his last posting. Milena is a young woman from Eastern Bosnia who has fled from her home and her husband, seeking refuge from betrayal amid the devastation of besieged Sarajevo.




Wish I was there: I was the golden girl of British cinema ... then my life fell to pieces: this is my story by Emily Lloyd

When Emily Lloyd burst onto the movie scene at the age of 17, she was hailed as the next Marilyn Monroe. However, behind her dazzling film performances, Emily was fighting a crippling mental illness that threatened to destroy her. In this book she reveals the incredible highs and earth-shattering lows that nearly destroyed her.







A Life Too Short: the tragedy of Robert Enke by Ronald Reng

An international best seller, this title presents a biography of Robert Enke, the German goalkeeper who took his own life.