Natural Ventilation & Summertime Cooling Strategy

The general principle is to introduce air around the perimeter of the building through opening windows. Air makes its way towards the main atrium and other voids where it rises to roof level and is exhausted through the roof vents..

A large below-ground duct is also provided to supply air naturally to the bottom of the main atrium space.

The predominant wind direction is from the South-West which means that air is blown over the river and the water meadow provided as part of the landscape in front of the building. There is some degree of evaporative cooling which reduces the air-temperature of the incoming air.

Exposed concrete soffits provide the majority of the thermal mass and these are pre-cooled by the night-time cooling strategy. In very hot weather when the natural ventilation can no longer maintain the required conditions, cool water (fed by the river cooling system) is circulated around either chilled beams or pipes embedded in the concrete slab to provide further cooling.