Celebrating The HiveAt10

The HiveAt10 celebrates a successful 10-year partnership between the University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council which has seen the creation of Europe’s first fully integrated university and public library. The Hive has reimagined what a library should be in the 21st Century, connecting and engaging communities, creating opportunities, and promoting a love of learning.

The Hive will be marking this significant milestone throughout 2022 in a series of events, initiatives, exhibitions and social media campaigns that showcase its past, present, and future work within the partnership. The HiveAt10 activities centre around 10 themes that reflect The Hive’s key objectives in its work within the wider community.

These are:

                        • Heritage    • Children & Schools   • Education        • Getting involved   • Employability & skills

                        • Business   • Health & wellbeing    • Sustainability   • Digital inclusion    •  Arts & Culture

Did you know?

About The Hive

The Hive is the result of a ground-breaking partnership between the University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council, whose shared belief in learning and inclusion, has provided a cultural, learning and information centre of excellence for the City and county’s residents, as well as the University’s 10,000 plus students.

By working together, the University and County Council management teams jointly developed a striking and sustainable building that acts as a highly popular focal point to support community and student access to essential public services, including library and historic archive facilities, and archaeology services.