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New Seminar for Grandmas-to-be at The Hive

Grandparents-to-be can brush-up on their parenting skills in a new seminar at The Hive designed to help new grandmas support the mother of their grandchild and find out the latest parenting advice.

The seminars, on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 to 11.30 at The Hive, are run by Professor Mary Nolan from the University of

Worcester, who has many years’ experience in working with parents, families and babies on birth and parenting skills.

Mary Nolan, Professor of Perinatal Education, said: “Becoming a grandma for the first time, or even for the third or fourth, is an exciting event. However, grandparents may feel unsure about how to support the mother of their grandchild during her pregnancy and in the first months of their new grandchild's life.

“Having a baby will not be entirely the same as when grandmas had theirs, maternity care has certainly changed.

“Hands-on grandmas, or grandparents who are worried about looking after their new grandchild, may want to know how they can give their families the best support and what the latest thinking is about unborn and newborn babies. Ideas about what babies need do change.

“It's an opportunity to talk to other grandmas-to-be, to have questions answered and to hear the latest information.”

Professor Nolan is also running sessions for expectant and new parents who would like to find out all about babies; Are genes the whole story? How do babies learn? What do babies really need? What about crying?

The seminars take place at The Hive and are on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 to 11.30am. The dates for ‘Becoming a grandma’ are June 18, July 16 and July 30. The dates for ‘All about babies’ are June 11, July 9 and July 23.

The seminar costs £1 and places can be reserved over the phone by calling Gemma Davis at the University of Worcester on 01905 855141.