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Public Invited to Flood Debate at The Hive

Environment Agency, Partnership and Strategic Overview Team Leader, Christian Wilcox will be one of a panel of speakers at the forthcoming RSA Debate on ‘Is a major investment in flood defences really the answer?’ held at The Hive, Tuesday 8 April at 6pm.

Since 1998, Worcestershire has experienced four major flood events. Investments in flood defences have been delivered to protect the county, but what are the best solutions to minimise the impact and disruption caused by this increasing natural phenomenon?

Residents across Worcestershire are invited to come to the provocative debate to listen to ideas on future flood solutions and put their questions to the panel.

Should we look to speed up water movement in areas where it is a problem, but risk the possibility of passing a worse problem downstream? What are the best flood solutions, hard engineering or other alternatives such as sustainable urban drainage systems?

Guest speakers at the debate also include: Michael Goodfellow-Smith, Director of Quest for Future Solutions, Angela Fitch, Regional Development Manager for the Federation of Small Businesses, Ken Harris, member of the FSB and owner of Severn Leisure Cruises, and Dr Graham Hill, Visiting Lecturer at the University of Worcester.

The debate is organised in conjunction with The RSA (Royal Society of Arts), a 27,000 national fellowship involved in research, development projects and public debates about future prospects, challenges and solutions.

Laura Worsfold, Business Development Manager at the Hive, said: “Thanks to purpose built drainage systems and measures put in place at the design stage to protect The Hive in the case of flooding we remained open for business, apart from a few hours needed for safety checks. We welcome this debate which is surely extremely close to people's hearts in Worcestershire.”

Carl Flint, from the RSA Worcestershire, said: "Having personally experienced the damage caused by flooding when a nearby culvert had become blocked, I can begin to understand the consequences of living near to water. However, across the country housing developments continue to be built in flood plains resulting in untold misery to their occupants now and forever more. What measures need to be established to ensure a flood free future and is this really feasible?"

The event takes place on Tuesday 8 April at 6pm in The Studio at The Hive. Entry is £3 per person. Tickets can be purchased at The Hive from the Level 1 Information Point.

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